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The "Balagan Baby Clothes" site is an online clothing sales site (hereafter: the "website"). The website is the result of the development of an approved "Balagan Baby Clothes" dealer (hereinafter: "the Company").
Balagan Baby Clothes will from time to time modify the Website, including, but not limited to, its design, content and services provided on and within its framework, as well as modify these Terms of Use, at its sole discretion. We will notify you before changing the terms of use. Please note that your use of the site is subject to your acceptance of these terms of use, as they will be updated from time to time.
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For convenience, the conditions of use are written in masculine but are addressed to both sexes.
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Intellectual property
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The user will be responsible and will indemnify the company, from his first request, for any damage caused to him for violating the provisions of this section.
The company makes every effort to permanently maintain the site and its content to allow you to access it at all times, safely and without glitches, because the contents of the site will be available to you at all times, without glitches or interruptions. . However, no system can guarantee complete protection against malfunctions and / or hacks and therefore we cannot guarantee that the site will be available at all times, accurate and accessible. In addition, we cannot guarantee that the site will be protected against attacks, hackers, damage, malfunctions or malfunctions, or virus-free.
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The delivery of products on the site is subject to the fact that the products ordered by the user - are in stock. The company makes every effort to ensure that all products displayed on the website are in stock. However, in the event that a product was not in stock but has not been downloaded from the site and / or it is not indicated on the site that the product is not